eco2go Dealer Marketing Program

eco2go is a great way to help boost awareness of your “green” initiatives at your store!  We’re here to help. Let your customers know that you not only care about their clothes, but the environment too. Whether it’s your website, in-store signage or a public relations release for your local media, we make promoting green simple.  Simply register and sign in to the Dealer Section for downloadable marketing material or to request promotional material. Plus, the eco2go Co-op Advertising Rebate Program allows you to earn money back on your eco2go purchases. To participate in the program, you must sign up before 12/31/15.
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eco2go Co-op Advertising Rebate Program

Promote that you are using eco2go products and get a 5% rebate on your eco2go purchases, see below for conditions and details. To participate in the program, you must sign up before 12/31/15.
Key points to the program:

  • Earn a 5% rebate on selected eco2go products purchased.
  • You must enroll before 12/31/2015 to be eligible for the Co-op Advertising Rebate Program.
  • Simply register online (just click above) and we will send you a confirmation of your enrollment.
  • Co-op rebate dollars earned will be credited to your account and can be applied to future purchases. Credit earned can be used on any Cleaner’s Supply purchases and are not limited to eco2go products.

    • Open to Dry Cleaning and Laundry Operations.
    • To be eligible for the program you must register to obtain eco2go branded logo and place this along with a brief copy description in a prominently accessible area on your website. Feel free to link directly to the eco2go website. Please see eco2go downloadable promotional area for logo, copy and other usable images (Click Here to register).
    • Once the eco2go branding is displayed on your website simply fill out the Rebate Application (located in Dealer Portal) and submit. Branding and copy are subject to approval by Cleaner’s Supply. Once we receive your registration for the eco2go Co-op Advertising Rebate Program we will email you back to confirm your application. Please allow up to 3 days for approval, If you do not receive notification please contact us in the dealer section.
    • eco2go approved branding must remain on your website during eligibility period and will be periodically checked. If eco2go branding is not visible during this period then the participant is subject to be ineligible for rebate. We will notify participants of ineligibility.
    • You will be entitled to a 5% rebate on selected eco2go products (see below for eligible products) for up to 6 month of any purchase of these products from your confirmed eligibly date. Example: If you order $5,000 worth of product you would be entitled to a $250 rebate. Any returned merchandise will be deducted from the sales.
      • eco2go Shirt Carrying Bag (eligible Sku SH-2000)
      • eco2go Garment Cover (eligible GC-25 / GC-250 / GC2500)
      • eco2go Safe & Secure Bag (eligible Sku SS-1000)
      • eco2go Hanger Tags (eligible Sku HT1000 / HT-2000)
      • eco2go Tie/Belt Holder (eligible Sku TB-160)
      • eco2go Shoulder Guard (eligible Sku GA-1000 / GA-3000)
      • eco2go Custom or Blank Reusable 210-Denier or Non-Woven Garment Bag (eligible Sku CNVB-71 / CNVB-75 / CNVB-81 / CNVB-710 / CNVB-750 / CNVB-810 / CNVB-20 / CNVB-30GN / CNVB-50 / CNVB-60 / CNVB-200 / CNVB-300GN / CNVB-500 / CNVB-600 / CNVB-2000GN / CNVB-3000GN / CNVB-5000GN / CNVB-6000GN / CNVB-7100GN)
      • Please Note: eco2go Custom and Blank Counter Bags and Laundry Bags are ineligible for the program
    • Eligibility begins the 1st of each month. So, if you’re approved August 15th, 2015 your program would begin September 1st, 2015. Your eligibility begin date will be indicated on your confirmation email.
    • You must enroll for the program before 12/31/2015. Unfortunately after 12/31/2015 we will not be able to accept applications.
    • The maximum rebate allowed under the eco2go Co-Op Advertising Rebate Program is $1,000 per incorporated or single owner.
    • Rebates will be issued 30 days from completion of eligibility period. All rebates will be issued as a credit on your account in which purchases occurred and no cash refunds will be allowed. Any returned merchandise after the rebate credit has been issued will be subject to a reduction of the rebated amount. Rebate credits must be used within 12 months of issued rebate or are subject to expiration.
    • Accounts must be in good standing during the entire rebate period.
    • Under no circumstance are advertisements to contain misleading or potentially misleading claims or statements.
    • We solely reserves the right to change any and all parts of the eco2go Co-op Rebate Program or terminate this co-op program at our discretion. We also reserve the right to approve or deny all co-op request without liability. Program void where prohibited by law. Participant agrees that all advertising under this program will comply with all laws and government regulations. The eco2go logo and artwork are owned by Cleaner’s Supply and solely reserve rights on logo and eco2go brand name usage.

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